Security: A major challenge for digital transformation

The digital transformation affects all businesses and organizations, from the smallest to the largest. This transformation brought about by technological developments offers many benefits: The ability to work outside the office, simplified information sharing, time and cost savings… 80% of employees carry out part of their work outside the office. This transformation, however, comes with a number of challenges about protecting all data collected and managed by businesses: Internal data, data exchanged with employees, data shared with partners and customer data.

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Ercom: A cryptography expert for more than 15 years

It all started with the encrypted phone of the presidential plane in 2001. The Cryptosmart solution was created afterwards to secure enterprise and government mobile communications (including the Elysee Palace in France). With this experience, Ercom developed Cryptobox, a solution designed to protect sharing and collaboration between and within businesses.

Unlike other existing solutions, Cryptobox supports native end-to-end encryption. Each feature benefit from the highest level of security.


ŒUser passwords are only known to them

No server is aware of user passwords. In case a password is forgotten, a patented feature generates a new password using a trusted user.


Two-man Rule

To access content, users and servers are required to use their key at the same time, just like they would access a safety deposit box


Data encryption and decryption on user devices

Regardless of the device used – smartphone, computer or web browser – data is encrypted using the most robust algorithms before being transmitted.

No one can access your data, whether it is the administrator of the service or a hacker.


Encryption during transfers

The communication channel between devices and servers is encrypted using TLS.


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