Cryptobox is the first secure sharing and collaboration solution to provide end-to-end data encryption, whether your device is a smartphone or a computer.

All features are geared toward a high level of security even in the cloud.

Security, end-to-end encryption

Cryptobox provides the highest level of security in its class. Passwords are known only to users, data encryption and decryption is performed on user devices, and just like when accessing a safety deposit box, two keys are required to access data.

Collaboration, sharing, synchronization

Cryptobox allows sharing and collaboration between users within user-defined Workspaces. Depending on the level of individual rights, users can be managed individually so they can share, edit or only view documents.

Personal storage space

Each user can have a secure and individual data storage area

Sharing by secure URL

Your contacts are not Cryptobox users and you would like to share documents with them from time to time? Cryptobox allows you to securely share with individuals who are not registered with the service.

Patented security solution

Since Cryptobox does not know user passwords, their loss could be critical. ERCOM has filed a patent allowing any user to report a trusted individual for the purpose of recovering access to their account and generate a new password.


Cryptobox is available on a wide range of devices: mobile and tablets (iOS and Android), Windows clients, and Internet browsers.

Scalable architecture

You would like to entirely install Cryptobox in your information system, in a public cloud, or in hybrid mode? Anything is possible with Cryptobox.

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